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Life Is A Dream
The Purgatory of St. Patrick
The Wonder-Working Magician


01/17/1600 Born in Madrid, Spain on January 17th

1614 Studied law at the University of Alcalá (1614 - 1615)

1615 Studied law the University of Salamanca (1615 - 1621)

1621 Entered the household of the Constable of Castille, Don Bernardino Fernández de Velasco

1623 Began writing plays for the court

1635 Published Life is a Dream (Other sources attribute the date to 1636 or 1637.)

1635 Published The Surgeon of His Honour

1637 Knighted by King Philip IV to become Knight of the Order of Santiago

1640 Published The Mayor of Zalamea

1640 Served in the military in Catalonia

1648 His mistress died

1651 Became a priest

1653 Published The Daughter of the Air

1663 Appointed an honorary chaplain to the sovereign

1666 Made superior of the congregation of St. Peter

1681 Passed away on May 25th

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